If you don’t say it, you don’t have authority to believe it. Authority is transferred by words.  Romans 10:17, “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God…” or, “by his stripes I am healed…”, is 53:4,5.

You see people lined up to receive their healing. You ask them “are you going to receive your healing tonight?’ they say, “ I sure hope so…” but you can’t hope so, you have to know so. It is his word. And his word is his bond. God has bound himself to his word.  It is a covenant that cannot be changed or cancelled. Sometimes we are silly in our preconceived ideas.  God made your body. It was lifeless and colorless but God is a spirit. 

The body has a unique role to play in physical affairs. It gives man an authority in the natural as well as in the spiritual world. Man is a spirit. He has a soul made up of his mind, will and emotions. And he lives in a body. You have authority under God in heaven. You have dominion in three worlds. Now you know why the spirit of God wants to inhabit your body. He can send your body to Africa or a jail visitation. But he needs your body to operate through.

God said my words are spirit and life! He used words of authority to create a living man. God made covenant with man and gave him authority. God says in Mark 11 “ you cast out devils, you pick up deadly serpents and they don’t hurt you!