1 Timothy 4:1 says “But the Holy spirit says in the latter times some will turn away from the faith, giving attention to deluding and seducing spirits, and doctrines that demons teach….”

It is sad to see a Christian friend move away from faith in Jesus. Do you know anyone who questions their faith? Start praying for them that they will not fall into deception and become hardened to spiritual truth. You guard yourself against deceptive doctrine by diligent study of the Word of God.

How do people determine if a dollar bill is counterfeit or not? They line it up with the genuine article and compare them side by side. When you spend time reading the Bible, “your progress will be evident to everybody…” v.15. And His Truth that flows through you will not only set you free but others around you.

“Till I come, devote yourself to reading, to exhortation, and to teaching and to instilling doctrine.” 1 Timothy 4:13 A well known minister friend of ours says when he is preaching, he is really ministering to himself first. So know the word that flows through you to teach others is really building yourself up as well when you are connected to the Vine!

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith & Mary